Is GIFTY a gift messaging app or an app that can supply premier gift products and even upsell hallmark cards for all gift order?

It can do all and you can decide if you want to implement just one or all components. We recommend all because every gift order is an opportunity to create a better gifting experience as well as grow your customer list. There are settings in the admin console allowing one or both options.

How does GIFTY help grow my revenue?

GIFTY provides many great gift products for you to sell at great margins. Flowers from 1800 flowers, fruit and nuts from Harry & David, Gift Baskets from Wine Country Gift Baskets, Hallmark greeting cards and other great braded gifts. You will have a great assortment for all gift occasions.

Additionally, Gifty allows you to capture the gift recipients’ contact info and their permission to market to them so your customer list grows. This will occur for you on your gift orders whether they contain one of our drop ship products or not.

Do I have inventory these gift items of buy them in advance?

GIFTY will drop ship these products for you and you can even set Gifty to auto-fulfill and we will process the order in your admin panel. We will even provide you the tracking number of the shipment. The Gifty products will ship the next business day (excluding Holidays). You only pay for them once they are marked to fulfill.

Can I select which gift products to sell?

Yes, you can select all, some or none (none = use Gifty for gift messaging only).

Do I have to create the product listings for the gift products?

No, Gifty supplies all pictures, descriptions and titles and a default MSRP. You can edit these fields.

How does GIFTY help grow my customer list?

GIFTY allows gift givers to create custom gift messages and for the recipients. The recipients get their message and can send a thank you message back to the gift giver. They first accept the terms of service (TOS), which allows you to market to them. 85% of recipients that send a thank you message back to the gift giver also voluntarily provide their email and approximately 50% provide their smartphone number. We collect the contact info and provide them to you.

What kind of gift messages can the gift giver and gift recipient create?

Both the gift giver and recipient can select video, audio, picture and caption quickly and easily or text based message.

Are the App’s Upsell Greeting Cards e-cards or real, printed Hallmark cards?

The cards are real, printed, high-quality genuine Hallmark branded cards. They include an envelope with the caption “a message is waiting for you” printed on the outside of the envelope. The gift messaging can occur even if the consumer doesn’t buy a greeting card, but the app offers them as an upsell for gift orders to make you more money.

How do the cards get to the gift recipient?

We allow for two methods to send the cards. The app defaults to allow GIFTY to mail the card to the recipient directly on your behalf or you can stock them and fulfill them in orders that have included a greeting card. To make fulfillment easier, no printing is required by you and each occasion (birthday, thank you, holiday; etc.) has a uniquely colored envelope.

Do we have to print the card prior to including it in the box with the gift order?

No, in addition to the lovely Hallmark sentiment, the cards are preprinted with the instructions to retrieve the gift giver’s message. All you need to do is pick, pack and ship the card.

How does the gift recipient get the message?

If the order contains a greeting card, the announcement of an awaiting message plus the instructions to get that message are in the card. If the order doesn’t include a card, Gifty will email or text the recipient on the date specified by the gift giver.

How does the gift giver get the thank you message from the gift recipient?

We will automatically email the gift giver on your behalf when the gift recipient makes a thank you message. If you wish to send the emails you can. Please contact us to set that up.

When does the gift giver make their message?

GIFTY allows for a combination of pre and post checkout notifications. Gift givers are pleasantly surprised that they can make a video or audio or picture with caption message or normal text-based messages. To make the experience more pleasant and to avoid friction in the order confirmation process, GIFTY allows the consumer to make their message immediately after checkout or do it later with an email we send them on your behalf. Consumers are notified in the GIFTY process (cards too) that they will be able to make their message post checkout any time before the package arrives.

How do you get the contact info?

GIFTY will send you a weekly list of all user contact information, all of which have accepted the terms of service (TOS) and privacy policy as well as links to the messages for your review and potential use in social media marketing.

What is he cost of the service?

GIFTY costs just $4.99 per month plus the wholesale cost of the drop-ship gifts and cards and a small cost per message of just 25 cents (this includes all creation, storage and delivery of the messages). We only charge after $5 of message costs have occurred:

If you choose the option to upsell cards:

  • If GIFTY fulfills the cards on your behalf: You pay $3.50 per card (MSRP of $4.99). This price includes postage within the US; international shipping costs will be charged at cost plus 50 cents per card.
  • If you inventory the cards and ship them with the gift: You pay just $2 per card (MSRP of $4.99). You must purchase a minimum of 50 cards for this option.